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Darkness Illumined

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'Darkness Illumined' Inspirational Solo Piano Music Sheet

Inspirational Music:

Darkness Illumined...

Hope Alive...

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Music Titles

These new age piano solo music for relaxation, meditation, and inspiration are available not only to print as music sheets but also to listen to as music audios, watch as music videos, and license as music backgrounds.

Which Way

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'Which Way' Meditative Solo Piano Music Sheet

Meditation Music:

Which Way...

Own Path...

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LCemps Info

An indie music composer, producer, and self-publisher,

my name is LCemps (ASCAP).

You might wonder what name is that. Well, it's my pseudonym. It’s coined based on my legal name initials and the acronym of electronic music piano solos (EMPS).

Please allow me to use it rather than my real name because I prefer to keep a low profile or even be anonymous, if possible. My music is what matters above my true identity. Even if my music connects with people and my real name remains unknown, that’s good enough for me. I’d be happy and content.

As an independent artist, I call my music EMPS because I use a computer laptop, music notation software, VST piano instrument sampling, and digital audio workstation to compose, play back, produce, and independently self-publish my original relaxing, meditative, and inspirational solo piano music.

Explained simply, EMPS is played by a virtual piano computer software and NOT performed by a human pianist. Although, it is composed by a human composer which is me.

While having a good grasp of music theory and composition, I'm not a good piano player. So, to compensate, I let my computer play my EMPS for me. This fulfills my desire to birth and share to the world the music that's playing in my head.

Piano is the instrument I’m familiar with. Therefore, solo piano music is what I’ll be focusing on. I’ve no desire to be a multi-instrument musician because learning other instruments is already too much stress and distraction for me. I’m going to compose, produce, and self-publish only piano solos.

I want to have freedom with my music. So, I’m taking this do-it-yourself route composing my music, notating sheets, producing audios, creating videos, and licensing my music.