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Latest Composition

Released: 2018-01-05.

Knowing Self

Peace Meditative
Piano Solo
Sheet Music:

"Seek Knowing Self...
Live Authentic Soul..."

Play and listen to this music.
Search, find, and live true self.

Latest Article

Posted: 2017-04-05.

Sheet Music Business Success

I’m not sure if this sheet music business I'm doing will succeed, that is, let me earn enough to sustain this endeavor.

Yet, my inner drive pushes me to still keep doing it because it will be a success.

My Sheet Music

Solo piano sheet music with Oneness, Peace, Love, Joy, Purpose, Abundance, and Harmony life existence themes and messages.

Play for relaxing, meditative, and inspirational effects that calm your body, clear your mind, and encourage your spirit through life's stressors, challenges, and uncertainties.

My Music Business

Solo piano sheet music business articles on how an independent music composer can thrive and make a living out of this vocation.

Read lessons, insights, and discoveries about music composition, production, legalities, publishing, and marketing I’ve experienced from my solopreneurial journey.

LCemps Info

Who am I?

My name is a pseudonym coined after my name initials (LC) and the acronym for electronic music piano solos (EMPS).

I prefer not to use my real name because I want to keep a low profile or even be anonymous, if possible.

My EMPS compositions matter more above my real name.

Even if my true identity remains unknown while my EMPS compositions become known, that’s good enough for me. I’d be happy and content.

EMPS Defined

I use a computer laptop, music notation software, VST piano instrument, and digital audio workstation to compose, play back, and produce my original solo piano music.

For lack of a better term, my finished music productions can be called EMPS.

Defined sonically, EMPS are piano solo music compositions played electronically by a computer using a virtual piano instrument software.


Electronic Music Piano Solos.

An EMPS Composer

Primarily, I’m an EMPS composer.

Secondarily, I’m a music solopreneur.

I independently compose, produce, publish, and market my EMPS compositions.

Because I'm not a good piano player and performer, I let my computer play my EMPS compositions for me.

This fulfills my desire to materialize and share to the world the music that's playing in my mind.

Why Not Perform?

I wish I could perform.

When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming a professional concert pianist.

But, growing up, I've been deterred by my insecurities attributed to my imperfect piano skills.

I deeply doubted myself worrying so much about these negativities:

Even if I finished intermediate piano lessons, I still felt inadequate not being able to achieve my virtuoso ideal, that is, whatever music plays in my mind will naturally flow through my fingers striking the right melodies and harmonies spontaneously and soulfully.

Through the years, this disconnect between my mind and fingers frustrated me so much that I gave up piano playing and my dream.

I rationalized to myself that I can't substantially make a living as a professional concert pianist anyway.

Over time, I lost the technical skills I’ve learned. I'm having difficulty reading and playing piano pieces now.

I’ve past my prime and accepted the reality that I’m not a performer because I’m just not good at playing the piano.

Performing my EMPS compositions with flaws, I'll fail to convey my music themes and messages.

EMPS Compositions

Advances in computer music software technology awakened me to pursue EMPS compositions.

Afterall, never heard music kept playing in my mind and I yearned to express them physically. I’ve painstakingly managed to transcribed a few into sheet music but most played fading away from my memory.

I’ve convinced myself that this is a worthy substitute for my unfulfilled dream of becoming a concert pianist.

I don’t need to be a performer at all.

I can just be an EMPS composer composing and sharing my own original solo piano music.

Piano Solo Focus

Piano is the instrument I’m familiar with. Therefore, composing solo piano music is what I’ll be focusing on.

I’ve no desire to be a multi-instrument music composer because learning to compose for other instruments is beyond me. The learning curve is already too much stress and distraction.

Composing an orchestral piece feels grandiose but my thought of it makes me pressured to a point of resignation and unproductivity.

I’ve accepted my limitations and considered labeling myself as being naturally just a solo piano music composer.

I’m going to compose, produce, and market only my EMPS compositions.

My Music Influences

I’ve been exposed to several kinds of music all throughout my life.

Growing up in a very conservative Christian family, I’ve sung hymns and sacred music at home and in church.

In my private piano lessons from beginner through intermediate, I’ve studied classical and contemporary music.

In elementary, middle, and high school music classes, I’ve learned folk songs.

On my own, I’ve appreciated popular, country, rock, jazz, electronic, anime, new age, and cinematic music.

My EMPS compositions are predominantly influenced by classical and contemporary styles.

Sharing My Music

Music generally has helped me through good and bad times.

My EMPS compositions are my life experiences captured in music form so I can reminisce these moments and emote, cry, laugh, learn, love, and live.

Life drives us up high, down low, and in between. Music buckles us on our seats in its rides.

Whether you play piano or just listen to solo piano music, I’m sharing my EMPS compositions with you hoping that they can, somehow in one way or another, carry you through your life’s journey.