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Latest Composition

Life's Journey

Inspirational Music
"Purpose" Theme:

“Traverse Life’s Journey...
Fulfill Higher Purpose…”

Play and listen to this music
to live life with a mission.

Latest Article

Sheet Music Business Success

I’m not sure if this sheet music business I'm doing will succeed, that is, let me earn enough to sustain this endeavor.

Yet, my inner drive pushes me to still keep doing it because it will be a success.

My Sheet Music

Solo piano sheet music with Oneness, Peace, Love, Joy, Purpose, Abundance, and Harmony life existence themes and messages.

Play for relaxing, meditative, and inspirational effects that calm your body, clear your mind, and encourage your spirit through life's stressors, challenges, and uncertainties.

My Music Business

Solo piano sheet music business articles on how an independent music composer can thrive and make a living out of this vocation.

Read lessons, insights, and discoveries about music composition, production, legalities, publishing, and marketing I’ve experienced from my entrepreneurial journey.

LCemps Info

Who am I?

My name is a pseudonym coined after my name initals (LC) and the acronym for electronic music piano solos (EMPS).

I prefer not to use my real name because I want to keep a low profile or even be anonymous, if possible.

My music is what matters above my real name. Even if my true identity remains unknown while my music becomes known, that’s good enough for me. I’d be happy and content.

What Is EMPS?

As an independent musician, I call my music EMPS because I use a computer laptop, music notation software, VST piano instrument sampling, and digital audio workstation to compose, play back, produce, and independently self-publish my original solo piano music.

Explained simply, EMPS is played by a virtual piano computer software and NOT performed by a human pianist. But, it is composed by me, a human composer.

A Music Composer

Primarily, I’m a music composer. Secondarily, to be able to independently distribute, and promote my music compositions, I’m aso a music producer and self-publisher.

While having a good grasp of music theory and composition, I'm not a good piano player and performer.

So, to compensate, I let my computer play my EMPS for me. This fulfills my desire to birth and enjoy as well as share to the world the music that's playing in my head.