Will this sheet music business I'm doing succeed?


I’m not sure if doing this sheet music business will succeed, that is, let me earn enough to sustain this endeavor.

Considering that my solo piano music compositions are not popular, who would want to buy and perform them?

Even the popular ones that are in demand are in competition with arrangements that are freely distributed online.

They can be photocopied from the library or shared by an associate or friend.

For composers who are teachers, to sell their sheet music, they may require their students to buy their compositions as part of their education.

For composers who also perform, their performances may entice the audience to buy their sheet music.

But what about unknown composers who just wants to compose, self-publish, and sell sheet music?

Can they earn a living just doing these?

My short research of the sheet music industry is that sales are declining.

In order to thrive, small music publishers have been bought by bigger companies. But, the outlook is still not promising.

This isn't encouraging for independent composers who self-publish.

I’ve asked myself, what makes it so worthwhile for pianists to purchase solo piano sheet music?

Here are answers my mind tells me:

Will pianists consider my solo piano sheet music worth buying?

Am I a music composer worthy to be admired and supported?

I don’t know.

Yet, my inner drive pushes me to still keep doing this sheet music business because it will be a success.